Time To See The Chiropractor!

Is it that time to see the chiropractor?

My grandmother used to complain all of the time about her arthritis. She saw no way to get relief from her pain. Now, I have to explain that my grandmother is also a very natural person. If she cannot pronounce the ingredient on the label to the food products she buys, they do not go in her grocery cart. If the label has the word “diet” on it, she does not buy it. If the carbs are too much, or the fat content is equal to the calorie content, it’s out.

She has practiced yogi and worked out her entire life. Her idea of a dessert always involved fruits with raw sugar and some kind of whole grain cookie that had dark chocolate drizzled on it. What I’m saying is that my grandmother is a woman who likes to be in charge of what she puts in her body and where she takes it.

A few years ago though, the signs of arthritis crept into her life and she just hadn’t been the same since. We kept asking her to go to the doctor, but she feels that going to the doctor means coming home with more problems than you left with so she firmly said no.

Then I had a great idea. I did some research on chiropractic work and found it to be the natural remedy that I was sure my grandmother would approve of. If you are in the Franklin TN area you might consider seeing the same one, Results Chiropractic and Wellness – Franklin Chiropractor. Dr. Marc Oliver is the best chiropractor Franklin TN, But, I still didn’t want to suggest it to her, only for her to shut it down. So one day in December, I picked her up for our weekly grocery trip and I told her that before we go to the super market, I needed to give her my Christmas present.

I thought she was going to jump out of the moving car when we pulled in the chiropractic office building! I was ready for all of her objections and shot her down one by one. The one way I knew I had her though, is she is as frugal with her money as she is health conscious, and I informed her that everything was already paid for an to please not waste such an amazing Christmas gift.

She reluctantly went in and met with the doctor. Two years later she is visiting the same doctor in the same office. She told me it was the best Christmas present anyone has ever gotten her. She has been relieved of so much pain she was pushing through on a daily basis and it fit right in with the natural lifestyle she had been living for years.

Now she sends the chiropractic office whole grain cookies with dark chocolate drizzle on them every year! The best part is, she is able to garden and sew again, two hobbies that were so important to her and had been replaced with television.

If you know someone that is suffering with a pain that can be fixed easily, give the gift of chiropractic work. They won’t turn you down once it’s paid for and you are in the parking lot. I promise.

Web Design & Internet Marketing In Nashville

Web Design & Internet Marketing In Nashville

Internet marketingEveryone eats with their eyes, and no one knows that better than the people who have awesome web design especially word press designed sites nowadays. We spend about three seconds looking at a website before moving on to the next one, or making the decision to stay and browse what the site has to offer. That is why it is imperative to have a web design company that reflex you and everything you stand for and are trying to say about yourself. We found the perfect Nashville web design company to accomplish this for you, All My Web Needs! Also if you are looking for Internet marketing you may want to consider SEO, All My Web Needs is the top Nashville SEO company, you might want to really check them out :-)

A picture is worth a thousand words and that is what great web design will give you. You’ll know what the purpose of the website is with just a glance and that will give you the relief you need, because you know you are dealing with someone who knows themselves and what they are doing. Everyone wants to feel that they have a personal connection to what they are looking at or subscribing too.

But, you can also have a web design that is beautiful to look at, but incredibly hard to navigate, and if this is the case, then you need to go back to the drawing board. If people come to your site and love the look of it, but have no idea how to find your store, or what your purpose actually is, then they will most likely not come back to visit. So you have to have multiple factors involved for the web design to be effective and aesthetically pleasing.

It is the same with organizing a home. You have to look at the items you have cluttering your bookshelves and ask yourself if the items are beautiful or useful. If they are neither than it is time to get rid of them. Even if you put a ton of work into carving your own elephant book ends out of a solid oak block, if it isn’t doing the job and books are falling over, or if it is just hideous to look at, you have to chalk the project up to a learning experience and say goodbye.

Just like with web design, if it took you hours to perfect a flower that you click on and it will take you to your shop that delivers rose arrangements, but no one knows to click there, then what is the point? Make sure you are clear in your delivery. The same goes with overly complicated web design that have a million places asking you to click, you must make a point to draw people in to the most important places that need to be viewed.

So take those tricks and apply it to your web design. Everything needs to have a purpose, whether it is beauty, or functionality and you will go far. Don’t get caught up in the little details, until you know those are the details that will make or break a your project. People view so many sites a day, it is important to be unique, but it is equally important to be simple and easy to work with so there is no discouragement in using your web designs.

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